2013: Transistor

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In 2013, in anticipation of Supergiant's second big game Transistor, I decided to make the Transistor from Transistor.

This was quite possibly the most challenging of these projects I have made, and it certainly was at the time. The main body of the sword was mint chocolate chip ice cream; the circuitry inside was mint white chocolate fudge*; the metal contacts were blondies; the guard was a big triangular brownie; the grip was caramel wrapped around a chocolate-dipped pretzel; the pommel was a maraschino cherry held on with shaped Tootsie Roll; and the red dot in the middle was a cherry tart.

Not only was that a ton of stuff to make, but the one part I did not make at all—the ice cream—was a major challenge because my birthday is in the summer, so despite my air conditioning's efforts, I could only do a little bit of work on the sword before it had to go back in the freezer. Additionally, the sword was absolutely too big for any home freezer, so I would work on one half of the sword at a time. The halves were only put together around the red dot just before the whole thing was served, and you can see it already started to melt before I could even get a photo. Despite the heat, it was still delicious, and I am still proud to have recreated the Transistor, in all its oversized glory, as one of my earliest of these dessert projects.

*I think; I am writing this 7 years later, and I am not 100% sure what flavor I made it.

The blondies were the “Blonde Brownies” recipe from the Better Homes And Gardens New Cookbook. The brownies were the “The Best Brownies” recipe from The Fanny Farmer Cookbook.