Dessert Projects

This section is still under construction.

As desserts go, I am not the biggest fan of cake, so I have kind of turned it into a tradition that every year for my birthday, I make myself a dessert project that mashes up multiple non-cake desserts.

When I was really little, my mother was very kindly willing to make us whatever birthday cake we requested, but when I started requesting various non-cake things, it gradually evolved into the “if you want something done your way, do it yourself” take-over-the-kitchen-for-the-week monstrosity that it is today.

There are not really any rules, but I generally try to incorporate one thing each year I had never made before or is somehow experimental, I try to make everything but the serving dish entirely edible, and I try not to use much food coloring—at most, I use a little to enhance a color that is already there. (The one place I cheat on that “rule” is if I am using something that has already been artificially colored, like Jell-O.)

Also, yes, making any of these produces a good bit of extra food not pictured, but definitely shared with the people who partake in the pretty part of the “cake”.