2017: Inkilng Squids

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Splatoon 2 released in summer 2017, so in honor of my hype for that, I made a few Inkling squids.

The purple one was blackberry mouse (which I had never made before) with white chocolate eyes with blackberry pupils; the green one was key lime pie with whipped cream eyes with dark chocolate pupils; and the yellow one was lemon bars with marshmallow fluff eyes with licorice pupils. All were delicious. (Also, full disclosure, I did use some food coloring to get the key lime pie to that Splatoon level of green.)

I did not have enough big pans to fit the squids, so I covered some sheets of cardboard with aluminum foil, which worked well for presentation, but less well for fitting everything into the refrigerator. I also baked the key lime pie with a makeshift foil mold giving it the rough inkling arrow shape, but that made the final result less squid-y than the lemon bar one. If I were to do this again, I would put more effort into the shapes of the left two, but that is easier said than done when trying to fit the production of 3 entire squids around...life.