2016: 3 Triangles

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For 2016, I thought about a couple triangles I appreciate and cosplayed, and rather than pick one, I made both Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls) and Peridot (Steven Universe). Then, I thought it would be better to have three triangles to continue a motif of threes, but rather than add another character with a more complex design to the mix, I added the Scalene Triangle (from the slightly NSFW joke video).

Bill Cipher was made from lemon bars with marshmallow fluff and licorice for his eye. Peridot was a square lime cheesecake for her “hair” with reshaped cheesecake filling for her face, lime Jell-O for her gem, and marshmallow fluff and licorice for her face details. Reshaping the cheesecake filling to give her face a different texture than the “set” cheesecake helped differentiate them without taking the time to make two different colors of cheesecake. The rest of her face could obviously have been done a bit better, though... The message from her was just chocolate syrup. Finally, the Scalene Triangle was simple chocolate syrup drawn on top of a thick layer of white glaze, making it the simplest in the history of these dessert projects.