2014: Smash Ball

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For 2014, in honor of two new Super Smash Bros. games coming in the fall, I decided to make a smash ball pie. For red, yellow, green(ish), and blue/purple, I made strawberry, peach, apple, and blueberry pie filling. Then I used blondies for the distinctive Smash Bros. cross to separate the four sections.

This was a little tricky to make because not all the fillings were meant to be cooked the same way, for the same amounts of time, or without a top crust, but even if the tops got a little more cooked than they would in a normal pie, they still turned out delicious. I also baked them with a makeshift foil mold to keep them roughly in their designated areas and then inserted the blondies after the fillings were baked. But as probably seems obvious, when you factor in shaping the foil and figuring out the best middle ground cooking process, trying to save time by baking it all together is just not worth it. If I were to do this again, I would save myself the trouble and do the obvious simpler thing: bake the fillings separately and pour them into a pre-baked pie crust that already has the blondies dividing it.