MaterialZ v2.y


The next version of MaterialZ is now rolling out: Version—um...OK, so version numbers in the last few MaterialZ updates have been a little bit...undefined. Solution: I dub the now-previous version “2.x”, and that makes this new release MaterialZ v2.y! And it has been packed with exciting things (well, exciting if you like plug-and-play Material Design CSS libraries), ranging from support for some newer browser features (like prefers-reduced-motion), to long-wanted features (like toggle switches and checkbox ripples), to the occasional overdue fix for an older browser (shout-out to anyone else still keeping an Android 2.x device alive).

Even with all that, though, it maintains the original goal of MaterialZ: Drop it into an unstyled page for instant Material-ization—it “just works”. And to be sure the new features work as expected in real use cases (and to flex a little on the number of Google apps that still do not use Google's official Material Web Components library), I pretty much updated all my MaterialZ apps to the new version—old ones; personal ones; even the random tiny silly ones. Oh, and some got the new plug-and-play dark theme too. (Granted, most of those are almost infinitely less complex than your average Google app, but the point is I think it works 😜)

You can check out all the new stuff at If you want to support my dev work, consider backing my Patreon (egh, does that ever feel less weird to say?) or buying me a Ko-fi. And here are the release notes for v2.y:

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