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I no longer maintain as regular a blog. I have started to post here more frequently following the death of Google+, but I am much more active on Mastodon and Twitter.

  1. SongZ Wrapped 2023

  1. I Fixed Highlighting Text In Trello
  2. Voice Actions for Chrome v5.0!!
  3. Experimental Twitter (And Mastodon) “Collections”
  4. Recent Media Widget
  5. SongZ Wrapped 2022

  1. PaintZ v3.4
  2. Ideal UX
  3. “Biological Sex” Is Like Cookies
  4. Re. Conservative Voters And The Recent SCOTUS Decisions
  5. The Ethics Of The Jurati Collective
  6. SongZ Wrapped 2021

  1. Review: OK, Spoilery Spider-Man: No Way Home Thoughts
  2. PaintZ v3.3
  3. Another Metroid Fan's Rant About Samus Returns
  4. 20 Years After 9-11: The Suffering Competition Continues
  5. A Breakdown Of Why I Think Android 12's Notification Panel Redesign Is Bad And Am Pretty Sure That Is Not Just A Knee-Jerk Response To Change
  6. Outdated Triangle Tutorial Finally Updated
  7. Android 12 Impressions So Far
  8. MaterialZ v2.y
  9. Some Smaller App Improvements (And A Shout-Out To A Friend)
  10. Patreon
  11. Rewind Theater Update
  12. My Eyes! (Light Theme)

  1. Workshop Scramble Anniversary/COVID-19 Update
  2. Dr. Magnethands Is Back!
  3. PaintZ v3.2
  4. PaintZ Users, Watch This Space...
  5. PortalZ Developer Commentary
  6. PortalZ: The 2020 Slice
  7. Why Xe/Xem?

  1. Why Pride?

  1. Rant: Emoji

  1. Review: Her

  1. Rant: Google, Stop Killing Things - Part 4: I Will Not Use Google Keep
  2. Rant: Google, Stop Killing Things - Part 3: What Will Be Next To Go?
  3. Rant: Google, Stop Killing Things - Part 2: Google Buzz
  4. Rant: Google, Stop Killing Things - Part 1: iGoogle and Google Reader
  5. Rant: Google Is The New Microsoft
  6. AndRant: Not Everywhere I Stop Is A Business

  1. Concerns Regarding “The Snowmen”
  2. A Theory About Trenzalore
  3. Rant: I Want You To Take My Money, But You Want Me To Want To Keep It - Part 2: Tablets
  4. Rant: I Want You To Take My Money, But You Want Me To Want To Keep It - Part 1: Nintendo
  5. AndRant: A Tablet Is Not A Giant Phone
  6. “The Angels Take Manhattan” Predictions
  7. Random Doctor Who Predictions
  8. Responses To Asylum Of The Daleks
  9. AndRant: Google Music For Jelly Bean
  10. </downtime>
  11. I Am Back!
  12. The Update-less Update
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  1. Plaguing Teh Interwebz
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  2. Update: New Visual Style
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  3. My Favorite Super Bowl Ads
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  4. Review: Inception, second viewing
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  5. Update: Return of the Rants
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  1. I Am Still Alive
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  2. Update + Ramble: School!
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  3. Update: Better Organization
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  4. Update: Better Commenting
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  5. Update: My Site, Re-Themed (Save Wave, Part 4)
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  6. More Projects! (A.K.A. Save Wave, Part 3)
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  7. Save Wave, Part 2
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  9. Update: More More Extensions!
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  10. Update: More Extensions!
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  11. Observation: The Reason For The Nexus One?
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  12. Rant: My Responses To The Engi Update
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  13. Rant: My Thoughts On The “Google Me” Rumor
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  14. Update: F.A.Q. You!
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  15. Update: More Of My Stuff
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  16. Google I/O Day 2 Predictions
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  17. Update: News
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  18. Comment: Education Kills Creativity
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  19. Update: MASSIVE Update
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  1. Update: Scorp on Docs
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  2. News: Comments
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  3. Observation: Droid Lies?
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  4. Observations: Companies' Responses To Windows 7
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  5. Apology + Update + Rant: I Think I Am Missing Something Here...
  6. Some random comments (information follows)
  7. I am back + some thoughts about the world
  8. arena_courtyard
  9. Rant: Comments on the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie
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  11. [Untitled]
  12. [Untitled]

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