Some Smaller App Improvements (And A Shout-Out To A Friend)

One small thing not really worthy of its own post, but you may have noticed Touch-Friendliness for Discord was broken by the last Discord redesign. The good news is that redesign addressed several issues the extension was initially created to fix, so there are fewer places the extension needs to step in, which is always kind of the hope with accessibility extensions. The newer good news is an update is rolling out that makes the extension compatible with the current version of Discord, so everything their redesign did not address is touch-friendly again

Unrelated to that, I have mentioned this before on my social media, but Okay by Billie Stevens is a great lightweight app to have to deal with high stress, panic attacks, or the like. I submitted a small update to it last week so you can now install it to your home screen and use it offline.

A screenshot of okay dot wasv dot me says, Are you okay?  Let's Check.  At the bottom, a browser prompt says, Add Okay to Home screen.

Okay update also posted to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.