Workshop Scramble Anniversary/COVID-19 Update

Can you believe Workshop Scramble is 3 years old?? Neither could I, because it's only 2 years old; this year has just apparently destroyed my ability to calculate time. Anyway, while a lot of inProd priorities had to shift due to *gestures vaguely at the state of the world right now*, I wanted to do something slightly positive at the end of the year, so Scramble is getting a free anniversary update that adds the COVID-19 relief workshop. In Workshop Scramble's spirit of helping people in need around holidays, this unranked mode links you to charities you can donate to after you finish playing so your impact can extend beyond the game world.

Stay safe, take care, and see you with some new stuff in the new year 💝

Gloves, swabs, sanitizer, and a mask fall into a Workshop Scramble present box.

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