Review: Her

I finally watched Her today. As someone with interests in both AI development and philosophy, I thought it was quite excellent. I was not a fan of the musical choices, but the writing and directing made the characters feel very real, and the movie deserves major kudos for that. I thought the ending felt a bit cop-out-y, but I was not any more sure of where the story was going to go than the writers seemed to be.

Story: 6/7

The characters were very well-written. My only complaint was the rather anticlimactic ending. It fit the movie, but for lack of a better way to describe it, it felt as though the writers just had an ending happen out of nowhere because the movie needed to end.

Visuals/cinematography: 5/7

Not bad, but nothing exceptional.

Music/sound: 3/7

aside Some of the music fit the movie, but some of it just started to annoy me. It felt as though it got in the way of what was happening rather than enhancing the moment as it should have. Kudos, though, to whoever was in charge of the various sound effects for different OSes.

Overall: 6/7

This movie delivered on everything I hoped it would (and a few things I hoped to be wrong about). It was an excellent story about human interaction, human-computer interaction, and humans and AIs handling existential crises. A few things here and there felt ever so slightly off, but I still highly recommend this movie.