STARs Against Humanity

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Developed with Space-Time Adventures at RIT (STAR).

Be aware STARs Against Humanity and Cards Against Humanity reference topics not intended for younger audiences.

STARs Against Humanity is an unofficial sci-fi expansion for Cards Against Humanity developed by the RIT sci-fi club, Space-Time Adventures at RIT (STAR). The project was originally a stretch goal for STARfest 2015. Over the year of planning, I led the project, brainstorming card ideas, reviewing and revising the variety of proposed cards, and running several playtests to ensure the deck spanned a plethora of sci-fi series and topics, and was optimized for versatility, humor, and of course, compatibilty with the original game.

Black card: That's no moon!  It's ____.  White card: Overcompensation. Black card: Rumor has it the next Marvel movie will feature ____.  White card: Civilian casualties. Black card: What ended my last relationship?  White card: Using Anakin's dialogue to hit on girls.