Martha Madison

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Martha Madison is a series of 2.5D puzzle platformers designed to teach middle school level science, with different games focused on electricity, energy, forces, magnitism, optics, simple machines, and waves. Each one presents a basic story and then a side-scrolling level in which the relevant topic is used to solve puzzles (e.g., using mirrors and lenses to focus light on switches in Optics or navigating ice caves in Forces).

My role in all this...

Unfortunately, I was only able to contribute a limited amount to Martha Madison during my time at Second Avenue due to other projects needing my attention. My primary contributions were to Magnetism, where I implemented part of the Robin, and built out the levels based on the sketched layouts (both functionally as well as visually building out the environments using models created by our art team).

Separate from my work on the game itself, I also worked on campaigns to promote the game on social media, including setting up scenes to screenshot for promo graphics and creating additional promo graphics in Photoshop. I made a variety during my time contributing to the Second Avenue social media team—a fun one was creating a variety of Olympic-related posts for the 2018 Olympics, but my favorite probably has to be creating fake Smash Bros. character cards, each nodding to a different Martha Madison game, around the time Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released.