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Dr. Magnethands is a tabletop RPG “for three or more drunk people”, created by Grant Howitt. My friends and I enjoyed playing, but we frequently forget to bring pencils and paper, so with his permission, I ported Grant's original tabletop rules to a mobile web app.

Dr. Magnethands provides the essence of a tabletop RPG in a quick, simple, and silly format perfect for people new to the genre, not looking for something too serious, or too impaired for math and dice-rolling.

The original app was built with Google App Engine and its Channel API, but stopped working when Google shut down the Channel API in 2017. I rewrote the backend with Node.js/Express/MongoDB and Socket.IO in 2020. I kept most of the original AngularJS frontend for the sake of time, but I did take the opportunity to make some slight improvements.