Divide & Conquer

Developed with Robert Pruden

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Divide & Conquer is a fast-paced multiplayer third-person shooter with a twist: getting shot will not kill you instantly. Instead, it splits your character into two less powerful ones. This opens the door for a variety of strategies—will you keep your strongest player, or will you flank your opponent with an army of weakened ones?

The game supports laptop and desktop keyboards, and also includes experimental game controller support.

I later developed this concept into Banana Split.

On the design side...

For this initial version, we wanted to go with something simple and distinctly digital. That is reflected in the visual and sound design. The menus and game feature colors intentionally chosen not only to match our desired visual direction, but also to be colorblind-friendly. Since the game was entirely played with the keyboard, I considered it important that the menus be keyboard-navigable.

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot