Fancy!Shōto Todoroki

From My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

Worn at RIT Cosplay Spring Formal 2019, Anime Boston 2019, and RocCon 2019.

This section is still under construction.

TL;DR: Wanted to cosplay Todoroki for a little while; when I saw the movie, decided I was going to do his formal outfit for Cosplay Spring Formal. Original blazer and pants were thrift store finds; ordered a different blazer for AB2019 that was more accurate to the movie. Biggest work was improving burn make-up—ended up removing yellows and browns that made it extremely realistic, but keeping liquid latex and black to give it more realism than the cartooniness of just red, aiming for a balance between accuracy to the anime (just red) and a little more realism since I am a 3D, textured human.

Also ordered particular colored flowlights from Flowtoys for fire and ice halves!

Also took a few “meme” pictures, including Anime Todoroki vs. Netflix Adaptation Todoroki, and the Spider-Man pointing meme with fellow Todoroki cosplayer ArianaXaia.