From Batman.

Worn at Cosplay Snow Festival 2014, Cosplay Snow Festival 2017, Running GAGG 2018, and The Strong Museum Of Play's 2019 DC Comics exhibit. Also worn for Halloween 2013.

This section is still under construction.

TL;DR: Was elaborate to start, and went through additional refinement over time.

The Joker grins down at the camera. The Joker grins and a gun with a flag that says, bang.

Initially had knife, “BANG” gun, Joker playing cards, and hand buzzer. For the Snow Fest 2017 Cosplay Chess show, made a Joker venom cannister and bought a squirt flower. Also weathered the Joker playing cards.

The Joker grins and brandishes a knife. The Joker fires a gun with a flag that says, bang, and laughs. The Joker smiles and brandishes a cannister of Joker venom. The Joker stands under a street sign for Alfred Avenue.

And shout-out to Dan Simon for being my clown goon for Halloween 2013!