John (Hunger)

From The Adventure Zone: Balance.

Worn at RIT Cosplay Spook Bash 2019.

This section is still under construction.

Earlier in the year, I did a costest of late-game John:

I planned to make Final John for Snow Fest 2020, but decided it would work well as a Halloween outfit, so I rushed to turn the prototype wings into something to wear out, then wore that to Cosplay Spook Bash 2019:

TL;DR: Went through several design iterations before making the wings prototype from PVC pipes, bent using a heat gun and a jury rigged arrangement of PVC to keep them parallel. Then I cut special shapes like orb hooks with a rotary tool, sprayed all the pieces with primer, hand-painted them with pearlescent paint, and then with glitter paint. Day-of, I attached string lights around them. (Snow Fest version would have used translucent pipes with lights inside, and a better structure for holding the orbs; I might still make it some day).

For hair and make-up, tried to incorporate the rainbow glow and years of damage, with an irridescent effect with a combination of hair wax and other products, and a colored shades of eyeshadow along contour, and then cracks drawn on top of everything else.