From Frozen.

Worn at Tora-Con 2014 and RIT Cosplay On Ice 2017.

This section is still under construction.

After getting into Frozen, I wanted to cosplay Elsa. I wanted to do her distinctive Snow Queen outfit, but I also really liked her coronation outfit...so I did both. Also, 2014!me was less comfortable with presenting fem, so my first Elsa cosplays were genderbent versions. The process for both was going through a series of designs to come up with a male version that I liked the appearance of, finding a place that sold vests with patterns I liked for the coronation vest and the ice crystal vest, thrift shopping for light blue pants and shirt, sewing the cloaks, and making the custom gemstone and snowflake clasps. The wig is a pretty awful costume store wig I should really replace at some point (and might do if I do a Frozen II!Elsa cosplay).

I did later buy a Snow Queen Elsa dress and wig, and started doing more make-up with my existing outfits.

Elsa in xer coronation outfit clutches xer cloak. Snow Queen Elsa next to a Flower City Comic Con banner. Elsa in xer coronation outfit. Four princess cosplayers stand together.
Snow King Elsa sprinkles snowflakes like the Salt Bae meme. King Elsa in his coronation outfit. King Elsa in his coronation outfit takes off his glove and attacks. Snow King Elsa poses. Three Elsas attack.