Dolores Umbridge

As portrayed by Joe Walker in A Very Potter Sequel.

Worn at Cosplay Snow Festival 2019. Also worn for Halloween 2015 and the RIT fall 2015 drag show.

This section is still under construction.

Umbridge glares, draped in shadow.

Dresses and hat were thrift store finds. Wig was a cheap costume wig. Made the cloak myself. Pink shoes in my size are a pain to find, so I ended up using pink flip-flops and painting my toenails pink in addition to my fingernails.

Did AVPS “Stutter” for the Cosplay Snow Festival 2019 cosplay contest (performance category) and took 1st place!

Umbridge holds up her fists to fight. Umbridge purses her lips and gives a look. Umbridge licks a knife. Umbridge grins creepily.

And shout-out to Ava Enoch for being my Draco for Halloween 2015!