The Fourth Doctor

From Doctor Who.

Worn at MAGFest 2013 and The Strong Museum Of Play's 2016 “Rockets, Robots, and Ray Guns“ exhibit. Also worn for TJ Homecoming 2011.

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TL;DR: Started as kind of a closet cosplay—coat was my dad's; pants, shirt, and hair were mine; hat belonged to someone in my family and had been really beat-up from a lot of use, which worked well. Borrowed different people's scarves for different iterations, which also worked well. Eventually got a proper replica scarf and sonic screwdriver, and found a good vest at a thrift store.

Also, sometimes I carry a bag of Sour Patch Kids depending on whether I remember to order Jelly Babies far enough in advance because Jelly Babies are hard to find in stores in the U.S.A.

Four steps out of the TARDIS while Ten hides behind. Four stands in front of the TARDIS door. Four and Sarah Jane Smith stand by the TARDIS. Captain Jack Harkness, The Master, One, Four, female Eleven, and Eleven stand in a row. Four holds his sonic screwdriver.