The Eleventh Doctor

From Doctor Who.

Worn at MAGFest 2014, STARfest 2017.

This section is still under construction.

First iteration of the Series 7.5 outfit (purple coat, patterned bow-tie) was a closet cosplay for MAGFest 2014. Series 5/6 outfit was assembled over time from thrift store purchases, except for the suspenders, pants, and bow-tie, which were purchased new. Fez was a gift from my friend Quentin, and sonic screwdriver was a gift from my friend Regina. Also added some non-canon touches for some iterations: a circular Gallifreyan watch face design, and TARDIS cufflinks that were a gift from my friend Ava.

My natural hair could not really do Matt Smith's usual quaff, however I liked how I did with his Series 6 imprisoned look.

Eleven points his sonic screwdriver. Eleven with his coat off holds his suspenders and leans against a wall. A circular smartwatch has a glowing circular Gallifreyan background.