Borg Drone

Based on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Worn for Halloween 2015.

This section is still under construction.

A comprehensive redesign of a cosplay I originally tried to build in high school into a new drone I designated Fourth Of Four. The plating on the torso, “shoulder pads”, and eyepiece were made from plastic from recycled containers, cut apart and hot glued into the appropriate shapes, and weathered. The headpiece was made from a yarmulke with LEDs and simple wire, including a bunch of wires glued together to give the appearance of ribbon cable. The center of the eyepiece used a flexible mirror sheet, foam board with a reflective diffraction layer, and blacklight LEDs. The remainder of the torso accessories were plumbing tubing and pieces from thrown-out computers. The hand LED parts I bought pre-manufactured. I wore a Starfleet uniform under it all to imply I was an officer assimilated during one of the battles in the mid-late 24th century.

Borg Drone Fourth Of Four. Borg Drone Fourth Of Four in dim light with the lights on xer hands, headpiece, and eyepiece illuminated. Parts for Fourth Of Four under construction.