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PaintZ (read “paints”) is a simple program for creating and editing drawings and other images, similar to tools such as Microsoft Paint and KolourPaint. PaintZ is designed to to be fast and easy to use—even while offline. If you have been looking for MS Paint on Chrome OS, PaintZ is your solution.

I also continued to add new progressive web app features as they became available—most excitingly to me, copy and paste into and out of the app!

On the design side...

The first version of PaintZ was a desktop adaptation of the Holo design guidelines, but switched to Material Design when Material was announced partway through development. That led to implementing animations based on the Material guidelines to provide meaningful transitions and generally delight users. In addition to using shadows to create clear hierarchy of layers like most Material apps, I also raised the color selector to make it somewhat reminiscent of the floating action button (FAB) pattern.

I later added other Material effects, like ink ripples when you change tools.

When designing the icon, I knew I wanted a paint palette, but also wanted the “Z” icon represented somehow. Rather than include my normal “Z” icon, I chose to create the “Z” out of painting tools. I opted to include a bit more detail and less sharp shadows than most Material icons while still keeping an overall colorful and playful feeling. I selected a theme color for the toolbar and form elements in PaintZ that would contrast with and complement the icon's primary color.

Logo sketch Final logo