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EarZ (read “ears”) is a song lookup tool designed for humans. Unlike existing song matching tools, which can only match songs' original recordings, EarZ allows users to search for specific lyrics or melodies.

The EarZ database currently only includes the main melodies of Disney's Tangled and Frozen, but more may be added in the future.

EarZ runs on a Python + Google App Engine backend.

Initial greeting Melody search

On the design side...

EarZ was my second Material app, and my first with a focus on creating an overall Material experience rather than just Material UI elements. Thus, EarZ makes great use of depth, animations, color, and transition effects to delight the user and draw his/her attention to relevant elements.

The app is designed to scale perfectly from smartphone screen sizes up to desktop monitors with full-width elements breaking out into cards. All UI elements are designed to be large enough to be confidently pressed with a finger without seeming needlessly huge for mouse users.

Search UI sketches Search type transition App bar transition sketches Song transition