STAR logo

Creating the logo for Space-Time Adventures at RIT (STAR) started with brainstorming and sketches everywhere—on notes, on scratch paper, and even on coffee cup sleeves. I wanted a logo that was simple, distinctive, versatile, and reminiscent of other sci-fi logos. Friends and I kept coming back to the idea of letters connected by a line, which is seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tron, and, of course, Star Wars.

Over time, I simplified the concept down to a very simple, geometric version made entirely out of line segments and quarter circles. Variants involving a star or other shape connected to the “R” were dropped in favor of having lines extend horizontally from both ends of the logo, allowing it to span the width of a document, sit on a box border, or connect to another word (as in the STARfest logo). I also wrote a style guide on use of the STAR logo in advertising materials to ensure consistent branding while still allowing for variety in PR materials.

Posted with permission from the STAR Bridge Crew.