From The Adventure Zone: Balance.

Worn at Anime Boston 2019, ConnectiCon 2019, FC3 Mini 2019, and Kisetsucon 2019.

This section is still under construction.

TL;DR: Lots of iteration on the design before construction. Skirt was a lucky thrift store find—only a little alteration necessary. Shirt was sprayed with bleach to give a subtle impresison of rising embers. Leggings just ordered online. Wig is the Jess from Arda because it felt the most right of all the ones I looked at. Cloak sewn myself with minimal effort 😝 Belts were found at thrift stores months apart.

Pouches created by hand—soft pouch used spare floss and shells to imply it could have been crafted at the beach (or with shells saved from there), hard pouch used a plastic container under the fabric to maintain its shape (for things I want to take to the con and not have banged around). Other tchotchkes were various things I saved for craft projects over literally 20 years; I used them for this to give the idea they had been collected over the course of their century of travels. BOB necklace supposed to look like it allows her to communicate with the BOB while working with Kravitz—made of bone for necromantic magic, wrapped with copper wire, which is a D&D material component for communication spells (which is, itself, a reference to IRL copper phone lines).

I borrowed a friend's Umbra Staff for AB2019, but for subsequent appearances, since my design was kind of set after the Umbra Staff was broken, I made a wand out of a tree branch, hand-sanded to desired shape, keeping a few knots to help define the handle. Painted, sanded, and sealed so it is smooth and colored, but wood texture still shows. Putting the opalescent stone in the base was partly inspired by some D&D wand fan art, but not based on a particular piece.

Also ordered a custom set of ultra poi from Home Of Poi in fireball colors!

Lup poses with the Umbra Staff. Lup holds her wand. Lup casts prestidigitation. Zachary breaks character taking photos as Lup.
Lup poses without her cloak. Lup creates fireballs. Lup holds up Body Parts candies. Lup's wand.

And shout-out to Hugging Hunter Cosplay for being my Taako at Kisetsucon 2019!

And thank you to Daniel Gray for the gift of the bottle necklace I added to Lup in fall 2019.